Ring Phone Support Keeps Disconnecting me at same point

My primary problem is that I have a 2nd gen motion detector that will not connect to the base station. I have already pulled the battery tab but the app keeps telling me to pull that tab. The suggested troubleshooting step says to press the button on the motion detector, but when I do that nothing happened - no flashing lights, no change of status in the app, no response from the base station, just nothing.

However, my current bigger problem is that I cannot get ANY support for this via ANY means. Here is what I have tried:

(1) I have tried chat support (twice). Both times they insisted that this requires phone support and they could neither help me with the motion detector nor connect me to phone support.

(2) I am in the US and have tried calling the US support phone number (1-800-656-1918) many times now. It keeps disconnecting me right after successfully verifying my account and right before connecting me to a human help agent. There is some bug in the phone tree that is not making that hand-off. It is not my phone device or service, both of which are functioning perfectly.

(3) I tried calling from a different location with the maximum number of bars of cell service - call got dropped by Ring at the same spot.

(4) I tried calling from my husband’s phone in case its something to do with my phone device - call got dropped.

(5) I tried calling and verifying my account via browser instead of app to get on a different branch of the phone tree - same results.

(6) I tried calling and saying I was NOT an existing user with an account to try to avoid account verification and get on a different branch of the phone tree - same results.

(7) I tried calling the Canadian help number instead of the US help number - same result.

(8) I tried doing chat help and asking them to patch me over to phone help or have someone from help call me instead of me calling them - they said there’s just no way for them to do that.

So, now I have a non-functioning device, no more leads to try on how to get it to work, and no support since chat support won’t help me and phone support keeps hanging up on me.

Does any one have any idea how to fix the motion detector itself or how to get ahold of Ring support?

@Tom_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring I am sorry to tag you but do know any way I can get help provided in any manner? I’ve now tried community forum, chat, phone and keep getting silence on all channels. I am out of options and Ring has been 100% non-responsive so far over all methods of communication.

Hi @Jaylee52. Although the batteries are new, I would try replacing them with other new ones to see if that makes a difference. We also have this Help Center article with more steps to try to troubleshoot your Motion Detector. If you have tried all the steps and are still having the same concern, you can also try reaching out to our support team on Facebook by sending them a private message to @Ring.

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