Ring peephole camera

I have a ring peephole camera and it seems that it randomly broadcasted 20 mins of audio from inside my home. I discovered this after watching previously recorded motion videos. Has this happened to anyone?

Hi there, @J.Devereaux! At Ring we value your security and privacy. For this reason, there are many measures in place to ensure the Ring app is operating in a manner only chosen by the owner. Whenever motion is detected or an event is triggered on your Peephole Cam, a notification will be sent to your Ring app. While the recording of this event will be saved, including any audio within range of the event, this event will only be saved within your own Ring account and would not include any two way audio unless you’ve answered this. If you have Alexa enabled devices around the home that are integrated with your Ring devices, this would be another method at which you can answer or interact via audio with your Ring device.

If you are looking to avoid audio being recorded during events, check out our help center article for information on disabling audio. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: