Ring peephole camera not working

I just bought a new Ring Peephole camera. The setup went just fine. It even said it installed a new update after setup. I can get notifications when someone knocks, and when someone pushes the doorbell, but the live view and motion aren’t working. It’s as if everything but the camera works. It has 250+mbps up and down, so signal isn’t a problem. I connected to the same wifi, also used my cellular service with 5G, and still am not getting a picture. I charged the battery to 100% each time before starting the setup. I’ve removed it from my devices twice and set it up again, and still didn’t work. Any ideas?

Hi @FoyFam71012. Try viewing the Live View on Ring.com, or on a tablet or other cell phone. You can also try connecting the Peephole Cam to a WiFi hotspot, to see if the issue lies within your network. Let us know the results!