Ring peephole cam

I can not believe that ring discontinued there range in the peephole cam
I brought my peephole cam back in 2021 when it first came out an i am still using it
I think it’s one of the best products they have u didnt have to do anything. I have been trying to find another one for a year now an im happy to see that they have brought it back out on the market im in Australia an this product is the best for people in apartments its also good coz people only think its a door bell not a camera so if ur thinking on buying a ring product the ring peephole product is one of the best u should try it.

Hi @kazajustme. Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, the Peephole Cam was discontinued for a while due to supply chain shortages. Now that production can continue, we’re happy to have the Peephole Cam back in stock.