Ring Peephole Cam Doesn't Send notifications


I bought a ring peephole camera a month ago. When I set it up, I wasn’t getting notifications from the device to my phone. when I called customer support, they said it was defective, and I had amazon send me a new one. when the new camera came, I had the amse problem. I called customer support again, and I was again told the device was defective.

The third device has been here for a week, and I’m still not getting notifications from it. The camera is showing as online, but that’s all it does. When I called customer service last week, they made me go through the same troubleshooting steps from the two times before. I was told that the request needed to be escellated to level II, and someone would call me back within 24 hours. Nobody has called me back.

I have two questions. how can I fix the camera? Also, is Ring customer support always this lousy? If so, It’s probably not worth having the product at all.

Hey @ChangelingMx. I’m sorry to hear the concern you have been having with your device! I’m happy to help here with this. What kind of phone do you have and what OS is the phone running? In addition, could you show me what your Device Profile page looks like, that shows you have Motion Alerts enabled? Lastly, you are having events populate in your event history, correct?

The phone is an iPhone, so it’s running iOS. I also have the Alexa skill enabled. Fianlly, motion alerts are enabled, and I am getting events in my history.

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