Ring Peep hole not activating

Just realized my camera for peephole has not been working. When I try to activate, it stays on activating device for a while and never goes to live feed. Motion still works as it shows in event history. I removed device, re add it and charge battery fully and still can’t get a live view. Rssi is at 41. It worked fine for two months and now it can’t get a live view

Hi there, @staindskin! Good call on checking your normal motion events and event history. As there are new events happening and being recorded, this means your Peephole Camera is online and the video is working. As for live view, this can often times be related to mobile device variables.

Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device. For android phones, please check for android apps that conflict with the Ring app. If possible, try live view on another mobile device entirely. I recommend also giving the Rapid Ring app a try, as it is designed for the quickest access to live view. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: