Ring PC App Failure

About two weeks ago, the Ring app on my PC quit working properly.

  1. I can no longer go to history and delete more than one item at a time

  2. I can no longer download an event to my phone

Win10 up to date. Former IT Pro.

Called Ring and lady said use my cellphone app. WHAT?? That is not the problem. I want to use the PC app like it was!!! AAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!

Tried RESET on app. No. Removed and reinstalled 3 times. No.

Worked for 9 months fine before this, now failed and Ring does not want to help.

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Iā€™m having the same issues with my Ring PC app. Very frustrating, as I have to view - and delete - a large number of videos daily. I tried to email but they seem to have abandoned email support for the duration of the virus.

Is chat support still available? If it is they are making it very hard to find.


Sorry to hear about this neighbors! We are always working to improve and add to our current features and devices. While our mobile app is designed to be used primarily for settings changes and the quickest access to videos, the standard functions, such as reviewing recordings, should exist on a compatible computer as well.

As we value our neighbors feedback, consider this shared with our teams here. If you are looking for another way to view recordings on your PC, another option is to do this via web browser and log in at Ring.com. This will allow you to see recording history with options on sorting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: