Ring overall issues

Ring app is constantly having issues lately. I have noticed that when I open app sometimes the word RING is in black and sometimes in white…bizarre. I get “weak signal” issues with cameras literally in front of my ethernet base and my most recent issue is the unreal amount of data the app is using. I have to do a complete shut down way too often. I’m seriously considering changing my home security set up.
Anyone having these issues?? Any resolve??

Hi @Tqma. What type of phone are you experiencing this on and what version of the Ring app do you have installed? Also, are you using a VPN? If you are, try disabling it to see if that alleviates any issues.

Hi Tom. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I do not use VPN. I have the latest version of Ring app as I troubleshoot making sure it’s always the most recent available.

@Tqma Thanks for letting us know! It’s good that the Ring App is up to date and that you’re not using a VPN. Another thing to check is to ensure your phone’s OS is also fully updated. Do you have a different smart phone or tablet that you can test the Ring App on? If so, see if these same concerns persist on a different device. This will help us narrow down what the concern may be. :slight_smile: