Ring outdoor siren LED

Hi, I have the new outdoor siren and I’m just about to put it up. I have tried to test the led light up of the ring logo. In a dark to pitch dark room it doesn’t light up.

I’ve checked all the settings and it’s turned on, I am using with a battery pack and the d batteries but it should still work.

Any ideas on what might be wrong, not keen on putting it up on the wall until I see it lighting up. The red led’s work on the test. Thank you

Hi @Itscomi. Once you’ve added the Outdoor Siren, you can temporarily switch to Self-Monitoring and set off your Alarm as a test. Once you’ve confirmed it works, you can switch back to Professional Monitoring. You can learn more about Self Monitoring here. I hope this helps!

I had the same problem as this user. I tested the siren with out setting up the app. I also hardwired it. Now I am unable to connect to app. Should I disconnect and start again from first. How do I connect the siren to my app now after hardwiring it?? Please help

Hi @user15807. You should be able to open the Ring app and Select the Add a New Device option. If you are have an issue during setup, try bring the Siren and the Base Station closer together. Let me know if this helps!