Ring Outdoor Siren chirp when armed?

Just upgraded from a Yale alarm to a Ring one with an external siren.
I have 2 power sources (dc feed through attic as well as rechargeable battery) so that I can have dusk-dawn light up.

Alarm is excellent and definitely a step up from the Yale even in self monitoring which is how I use it.

However there is 1 feature I miss from the Yale and that is the external siren used to bleep/chirp when the system armed.

This was useful because as I got into the car I got a clear audible sound that the system was armed.

Is that a feature on this ring siren or is it planned to introduce it?

(Yes I know I could take my phone out of my pocket, open the app and check it’s armed that way, but an audible chirp from the external siren is a much easier simpler way that helps if you also have your hands full with a feisty 4yo).

I gather from the deathly silence, the answer is:

NO there is no hidden setting which allows this…and
NO we have no plans to introduce this to the Ring alarm

I’ll add this as a feature request in the other thread instead.

Or you know, you might have to wait for someone to answer your questions. We are just fellow users here, not your personal support.

Hi @DrGaffer. The Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, but we do check in on the boards throughout the week to offer general troubleshooting assistance and answer questions. The feature you’re describing is one that is not available, but good call on adding it as a request to our Feature Request board.

For any other neighbors interested in this feature, you can find the feature request that @DrGaffer created here. Feel free to add your vote or share any feedback you have, as we use the Feature Request board to gather and share this feedback with our teams. :slight_smile: