Ring only recoding 15 seconds when i set it to 60 sec

Not sure why it’s still only at 15 seconds when I changed it to 60 sec

I have spoken to 4 people at Ring over the last 3 days about this issue. So far, 2 have disconnectted me (after speaking with them for over 30 minutes each) and 2 have told me that they could not help, and to try calling back to speak with somebody else.

It is laughable how poor customer service has become, especially since being sold to Amazon. Meanwhile, I now have a doorbell that can only record between 12-15 seconds of video.

Okay so I’m not the only one. I feel like my video recordings actually got shorter than before this update.

You are correct… mine went from 30 seconds down to 12 seconds. Not terribly useful. I’m currently waiting on hold to speak to another agent.


So after chatting with an incredibly helpful “advanced tech support guy” (somebody from the midwest USA working from home), we discovered that Advanced Motion Detection must be turned ON (found under Motion Settings). As soon as I did this, the 60 second setting took effect. It seems that when Advanced Motion Detection is turned off, the now removed “Motion Verification” kicks in or something like that and truncates all the videos down to 10-15 seconds. I can confirm that I now get the 60 second recordings as long as there is continuous motion in front of the camera. If I just wave my hand, the video is much shorter.

Good luck!

Mine is on but still get only 10-14 seconds :frowning:

Maybe try resetting the doorbell to factory. They had me hold the orange button in for 30 seconds. Then try removing and reinstalling the app.