Ring notifications stops

I have an android phone. The Ring notifications only appear if I open the app and once i close the app the notifications will stop coming through. I have checked the notifications setting on my phone and it is all enabled. I have checked that there is no known conflicting app installed. I know the doorbell is functioning properly as the notification will appear on my husbands iPhone. Any ideas?

Hi @jdechong. Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone and then reinstall the Ring app? From there, sign back in and allow notifications to ensure they are still coming in. Feel free to ding your Doorbell to make sure the notification comes through!


It still doesn’t work. I still have to go into to the app for the notification to come up

I have the same problem, but with an iPhone X. I used to get windchime alerts even if my phone was dark. Now I only get windchime alerts when I wake up my phone and the ring app is open.
I can’t find a setting to make it alert me even if my phone is asleep.

@jdechong Please check this article here to ensure you do not have any apps that conflict with the Ring app. If you have none of these apps, could you capture a screen recording of what this looks like? You can then compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file so you can attach it in your reply (MP4 is not support but ZIP files are).

@Jp1984 Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone and then reinstalling the app? Once reinstalled, log in and try forcing a notification event to show up to see if it’s working as it should! If it’s still not working, please reach out our Ring Help Center Article here.

Hi Chelsea,

There are no conflicting apps on my phone. Im not sure what screen capture you would like me to show you because I don’t have a problem with the actual doorbell. I have a problem with the notification.

@jdechong A screen recording of you having to go into the app, then the notification popping up, would show how the app is preforming in a way it should now. With that, I can take this to my team to look into further for us to see what could be causing this! In addition, I would like to ask if you log out of the app when you close it?

If you are logging out, this will halt the notifications, and thus when you open the app and log back in, you are not able to get any notifications. You will need to ensure you stay logged in to make sure you keep getting the notifications. Let me know if you’re able to get this screen recording to showcase what you mean by getting the notifications after opening the app, as the process seems a bit confusing to me!

Hi Chelsea, to be honest I’m finding it hard to screen record as I’m not sure what I can show you. I don’t log out of my app. I simply just close it. The notification only comes through when I open my app and then it will continue to come through for a short while and then it stops. I know there were meant to be notifications as my partner’s notification comes through.

@jdechong What kind of Android phone do you have and what OS software is it running?

Hi Chelsea,

My phone is a Huawei p30 pro and the software is Android version 10

@jdechong Thank you for that information! That actually clears up what I was thinking was going on. From the way that you described the conern, it seemed like the phone was killing your background apps, which can eliminate notifications from coming through until your phone is open. Most phones will allow apps to run in the background, but this can kill the battery.

After doing some research online, I found that the Huawei model phones were developed to help make your battery last - but at a cost. The technology on the phone, especially when the phone has Harmony OS (most Huawei phones have this), is designed to actively kill your background apps from running in the background. It seems many people with the Huawei phone have had issues with notifications coming through, not only for the Ring app. Forbes even made an article on troubleshooting for this phone!

Since the phone has this intense level of battery management, the phone will cause apps not to deliver notifications when they are running in the background and there seem to be a few articles on the web that I have found that support this. My apologizes that I am unable to help further, but I recommend checking out that Forbes article and maybe reaching out to your phone’s provider specifically for more advanced help on this concern. :slight_smile:

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Hi Chelsea,

Thank you, I have fixed it now so it now works all the time.

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i tried to find these settings in the 3 steps in the forbes article for the P30 PRO phone and cannot find them. my issue is when the screen is off. i get motion ringtons and notifications, BUT if someone presses the doorbell i do not get this on my phone. yet its in the ring history the doorbell was pressed.

i have alexa in my home and she tells me that someone is at the door. otherwise i would not hear it. any help to sort this is appreciated.

my phone is running the Android 10.1



Hi how did you fix it I have the same issue with the p30

Hi there,
Yep unfortunately I’m having the same issue. Can someone once time permits please walk me through how I can start getting notifications on my P40 Pro please.
Thank you very much.