Ring Notifications stop

The Android notifications on my Ring doorbell and two outside Ring cameras keeps stopping. I delete the Ring app, reinstall it and everythings works fine for about two days and it happens again. Evertime I reinstall, it works again. I have checked all the notification settings and they are OK. My wife has an iPhone and her notifications work fine. Any ideas?

Hi @LAC2. There is a list of apps that are known to conflict with the Ring app. That list can be found here. Also, make sure that your notification cache is clear. With Androids, if you have too many notifications that haven’t been cleared, you’ll stop getting notifications. I would look up how to do this for your specific phone, as different phones will have different ways of doing this. I hope this helps!

I did not have any conflicting apps, but clearing the memory cache of data seems to have worked. The Ring notifications have been working ok for two days now. Thanks for the help

Hey @LAC2. Great! Glad to hear that this worked for you!

Unfortunately, it started hapening again after a few days. I cleared all the cache memory again, but it didn’t help. Works ok for awhile after reinstalling the app. Looks like lots of people have the same problem. Must be a software glitch with Android.