Ring notifications override on S9plus

I have set ring to over ride my phones notifications settings on my Samsung S9plus.

I keep my notifications on my phone to silent all the time and want Ring to over ride this setting but it doesnt. Ring is also silent, I do get a notification on the top of the phone but only if I look. I need to hear it also. Anyone have a solution for this?

Hi @kriehl! This is an option if you have a Ring Alarm system. Emergency alerts can override do not disturb mode in order to notify you with a visual and audible notification. Keep in mind, this only works for Alarm Emergency Push Alerts and not emails or other alerts. Check out our help center article for steps, screen shots, and more information about how this works.

If you do not have an Alarm system and are looking to do this with your Cameras/ Doorbells, for the most part the Ring app’s functionality will be depending on the mobile device environment. Alerts, volume, lock screen alerts, and many other features of the Ring app will not override your desired mobile device features or accessibility settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: