Ring Notifications NOT getting to mobile device IOS

Hello, I have two cameras and a doorbell and approx 3 weeks ago, I enabled a ‘motion settings schedule’ on the doorbell and since then, ALL notifications to my mobile device have stopped. I have since removed the schedule, deleted the app several times and reinstalled, spoke with Ring Support and whatever changes I make seem to to reactivate the notifications for a short time, but then again the next day ALL notifications stop.

I have reviewed ALL settings in the app, on my phone and everything is as it should be so far as I can tell and I have had the doorbell without any issues for a couple of years, but since I enabled motion scheduled even for a brief time, it has messed everything up?

This is hugely frustrating as I am not being notified when someone rings the bell or is detected by the cameras

Finally, the notifications are going to the app as they are all registered and I can see them if I go into the app dashboard, but I am not actually being alerted of that to my phone! My wife has the app also and she is getting all alerts …it is so random that it starts to work and then stops??

Please help!


I think it might be possible that it has cached the original motion schedule even though I have deleted it and by deleting the app it removes it for a short time, but then kicks in again after a certain amount of time?

Hi @user51434. Try opening your iPhone settings and selecting the Ring app. Toggle off the Allow Notifications and then turn off your phone. After a few minutes, turn your phone back on and toggle the Allow Notifications ON. Also, do you have Modes for Cameras enabled? This Help Center article here also some troubleshooting steps for you to try. Let me know how this goes.


I did as you suggested and still didn’t work!

The issue is, it is very random! Some days I get alerts and some days I don’t and there is no logical reason why this would be the case. Today for example, I am
getting nothing from either cameras or doorbell!

As per usual, all notifications are registered in the app, but I am just not getting notified on my phone consistently …it is very frustrating!

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Hi @user51434. The only other thing that could be suppressing notifications is if you have Do Not Disturb mode toggled on. This is a setting on your iPhone and it would prevent notifications from coming through when it’s turned on. If that setting is not on, and the troubleshooting steps shared by Tom do not work, you’ll need to reach out to our support team for additional assistance.

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