Ring notification issue

I updated my app and now I am only getting the text alert “ring notification”. It used to read “alarmed disabled by user” or “alert armed by user” or “person at floodlight” etc etc. now it just says “ring notification”. I have NO WAY of knowing what kind of alert it is. I have to open the app and look at all of my settings to see if I can possibly find what the alert is related to. So say someone hacks my account and disarms my cameras? I won’t even get an alert that it was disarmed! It will only text “ring notification”. Then I get the task of having to search the ring app and hope and pray I find out it was disarmed. And what if it’s my husband who disarms it? I’m just supposed to hope and pray it was him and not a hacker??? It’s been reported to ring support and of course NO answer. And what’s up with not posting videos? They get denied. I posted for suspicious activity and it gets denied but yall post fireworks and come trick or treat at my house??? Ring is forever annoying. And to think that I have to actually pay for this crappy stuff! I want my money back. Fix the issues??? You could be facing a lawsuit if something occurs. Why don’t you care???

Hi @user66511. It sounds like this could be a setting on your phone. Are you on iOS or Android? If possible, please also share a screenshot of what the notification looks like so we can get a better idea of what you’re seeing on your end.

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No, it’s not a setting on my phone. I have IOS. Everything worked PERFECT for a few months and then the Ring employee on the phone told me I needed to update my app. So I did and now it only says “Ring Notification”. It will not tell me what specific notification it is. It’s been months since my post and I’m still having the same issues. As if that’s not annoying enough, the employee had the audacity to say, “this was NEVER an option. Those specific notifications NEVER occurred on RING- ever.” Okay? lol Ring has the worse customer service. After upgrading the app ALL of these issues started and I cannot get them back to how they were in the beginning. If I didn’t have to pay for this service I wouldn’t!

As far as the neighbors app :joy:!! What a joke! Someone was trespassing in my yard and ring denied it but someone got mad at their neighbour because their tree fell and Ring posted it. Another guy lost his drone and Ring posted that. My prediction is that another company will surpass Ring because Ring can be very annoying.

@user66511 I’d be happy to look into this further if you can share a screenshot of these notifications. Having an example is helpful so I can consult with my team to find a resolution.