Ring notification delayed 15 minutes

Alexa has 15 minute delay on notification from doorbell. Other devices on same wifi have instant notifications. Any idea why Alexa is so delayed?

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Same issue here with VIdeo Doorbell Pro 2 (Wired). Getting phantom doorbell rings tonight. The status.ring.com page is all green with no issues, I think their servers are overloaded with all the trick or treaters ringing everyone’s doorbells tonight.

Same issue. Just started tonight.

Same issue. Tried restarting Alexa, ring and our router. Deactivate ring in Alexa app and reactivated… Didn’t work. :upside_down_face: One day of the year where you really want your doorbell to work… had to put a sign up for the kids to knock.

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Same thing here. I’ve rebooted everything and still happening.

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Same thing here. It just started today.

Having the same issue with my Ring / Alexa setup.

Same issues, started happening today, on Halloween of course!


I think Alexa Echo server got overwhelmed by global Halloween rings across Canada and US.

Same thing here. Some kids missing out on candy tonight because of it.

Same problem here. Searched this morning and found this so I guess I’m not alone. I replaced the battery and removed and re-added the doorbell in the Alexa app with no success. We had a ton of kids ringing it last night and it got very confusing!

Ring fixed late last night (EST). No mention of what cause was. I also guessed a flood of Trick-or-Treaters was the cause.

Hi neighbors. On Nov 1, 01:51 UTC, an issue with delayed notifications on linked Alexa devices was identified. Our teams worked to address this quickly, and the issue was resolved as of Nov 1, 03:02 UTC. You can always check the Ring status page for updates on any potential issues. Thank you for your feedback and patience in this matter!

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