Ring not working

I rarely get visitors and notice the last couple times My ring is no longer working. Now it is telling me to set up the doorbell camera again. I have had my ring for about 8 years why am I having to do this again? I have to take it off to scan the barcode what is the way around having to do that that is ridiculous to me. How can I find the barcode that was previously in my account before you guys changed whatever you changed?

Hi @JHAP1123. It’s possible your Doorbell may have lost its connection to your wifi network if there were any outages recently. Do you still see the Doorbell listed under your Devices menu in the Ring App? If so, tap on it and then tap on Device Health and you should see an option to Reconnect to Wi-Fi. If you do still need to set up your Doorbell completely again, you can follow the prompts under Set Up a Device to do so. The QR code can be found on the back of the Doorbell as well as on the original packaging that the Doorbell came in.