Ring not sounding alarm when the contact sensor is disturbed

I have installed a Ring Alarm System with 5 sensors on doors and windows and a motion detector.

I have two questions:

  1. When we come home with the Ring system set to “Away” and open a door, sometimes the alarm will start to ring immediately an some other times it will start a countdown and will ring unless you disarm it by entering the code. Why two different behaviors???

  2. (First point become mute when this started happening) For the last few days, I have seen that the alarm is not activated if I open a door with a contact sensor installed. I tried that with two doors and it doesn’t work instantly. And earlier it used to work with all doors. Yesterday it worked but it started ringing about 3-4 mins after I opened the door.

I would be thankful for any help,


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Hey @RJ2207! Based on the behavior you’ve explained, it’s possible some of your sensors or motion detectors are configured as windows or entry ways. For instance, if a Contact Sensor is set as a window, the Alarm siren will sound immediately when opened.

As far as response timing goes, these sensors should certain trigger immediately and start a countdown in an armed mode as soon as it is opened. I recommend checking the distance and any interferences between the Base Station and sensors to ensure signal is optimal. Try also using the Range Extender to see if this improves response timing. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: