Ring not sending Replacements

I contacted Ring Support a month ago because my Ring Pro 2 was not connecting to Wi-Fi or generating a network for me to connect to during setup. I was promised a replacement witching 7-10 business days and after calling them back every 10 business days 3 times, I still haven’t received the replacement. Each time I call, they tell me that the last person screwed up and they’ve fixed it and that I will get a replacement in 7-10 business days. All this sounds like a scam to me. I’m going to check out other security products and see if there are other better alternatives out there. Sharing this to help potential future customers make a more informed decision.

Hi @Charlesch. This is not the Ring Experience we want you to have. Since you’ve tried calling multiple times, I would suggest reaching out to our team on Twitter @Ring. A specially trained agent will handle your case with care and get you the answers that you need.