Ring not operating realtime

So my ring seems to be malfunctioning. When i try to check life view, it never shows. It just times out. Motion alerts and door rings are not updated to the app either.

Not sure if the app needs updating but i dont see an update. Alerts from this morning, are still not uploaded to history. I have another camera device on the internet and i dont have this problem. It works realtime so its nt the internet

Hey @JacquelineJCole. What Ring device do you have that you are seeing this on? Is the device showing as online or offline in the app? What is the RSSI for the device, as shown in the Device Health screen? Lastly, do you have an active Ring Protect Plan for video storage? Knowing this information should help us get this sorted out for you! :slight_smile:

Hello Chelsea,
Device is online and I attached a picture of the last health check and all. I have the Ring (2nd gen).
No i do not have a ring plan at moment. I want to get one but it doesnt make sense when i am not able to even get a live view 90% of the time.

I deleted the app and reinstalled afresh from app store.

@JacquelineJCole Thank you for getting back to me and sending those screenshots. Please note that without a Ring Protect Plan active on the account, you will be unable to view any previous recorded videos of ding or motion events at this time. Although, you should be able to see the Live View. Can you let me know what happens when you pull up the Live View from your phone? In addition, could you try the Rapid Ring app to see if this helps pull the Live View faster for you?

Hello Chelsea,
Yes i know that without the ring subscription, you cant see recordings. I have attach a picture of my ring history. Usually my ring history gets updated with every alert. All day i get alert notifications, but the history doesn’t update real time. There has always been a slight delay between action at the doorbell and when i get the notification on my phone. But now its hours. At 3pm is when the 10am motion alert will show on my history.
I will try the rapid ring app now and see if that helps with accessing live view easily and get back to you. Thanks

I have installed the rapid ring app. I will monitor it for next 24hrs, and see if any improvements and let you know.

Does the rapid ring work independently of the ring app? Seems I will still need the ring app to have all other features?

Rapid ring app

So just to update you. Same thing is happening with the rapid ring app.
I have attached two pictures. So i get notification for the rapid ring app but when i open to go to live view, its unavailable.
It was the same that happened with the other ring app. I get notification alert and when i attempt to do live view, its unavailable

@JacquelineJCole Thank you so much for diligently getting back to me and keeping me updated. My apologizes that I am unable to get back to you so quickly! It is recommended to have both apps, as the main Ring app will help with settings and such, and the Rapid Ring will be for Live View. Although, since the Rapid Ring app shows to be no help for you, I do not think we should use it as a testing method to address your concern!

If you go to your Doorbell right now, press the button, does the Doorbell ring from the outside, or give any indicator that it is “on”? Do you get the notification for a ding event from the Ring app a few moments later, saying something like “Someone is at your Front Door” (and not hours later)? And then lastly, only if you get the notification right away, what does your Live View look like? Is it stuck in “Activating Device” or something of the sorts? It sounds like this will happen to you (please let me know if it does not though!), so if it does, lets do the following:

  • Remove the Doorbell from your account. This will be done in the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell 2 > Device Settings > General Settings > Remove This Device.
  • Once removed from your app, please take the battery out and fully charge up the Doorbell. Sometimes when the battery is too low, the Live View may not be able to pull up, and this could be causing the concern. While the app was saying the power status was very good, it’s best to rule this out. Once the battery is fully charged with just a green light, put it back in, allowing the device to start up again. Once the Doorbell is no longer powering up (after a few minutes), reset the Doorbell by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds.
  • Once this reset is complete, go into the Ring app and set up your device again. Once set up, allow the device to put the firmware that was there before back on the device. This may take a few minutes after you have completed setup. After the device is setup up again, check your Live View by dinging your Doorbell, ensuring you get a notification of such, and then clicking on the notification to attempt to pull up your Live View!

Let me know how this goes, or if you are stuck at any point during these steps, also let me know! :slight_smile: