Ring not making noise on shared device?

Hi, i have the ring doorbell 2nd gen + chime. I’ve set up the App on my phone and also on my mums phone but when someone rings the doorbell only my phone rings to alert me?

On her phone i can only see that the doorbell is shared but not the chime, if that makes a difference? I don’t see any option to share the chime on her phone either

Can anybody help with this please?


Hi there, @nimbo! It sounds like you’ve done everything correctly here. Ring Chime devices cannot be shared, only camera enabled or Alarm devices. The notifications should certainly operate from your shared user’s mobile device by default. These notifications can be controlled per user, so the best next step will be to check the shared user’s alert toggles in the Ring app. Try also removing and reinstalling the Ring app on the shared user’s mobile device to see if permissions need to be accepted. Checking the mobile device sound preferences is also a great step. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: