Ring not letting me post to neighbors

Tried to post multiple times to neighbors. I was sharing a video of a drone flying up to our back door around 3 am. This happened again 2 days later. Tried to share with neighbors but ring doesn’t seem to think that it has to do with crime or community safety. Maybe not but somebody’s definitely creeping. Can somebody explain why ring is not letting me post this?


Hi @ihatethieves69. It’s possible your post is being removed because it doesn’t fit the Neighbors’ Community Guidelines, which you can read more about here. Whenever your post is removed, you’ll receive an email from the Neighbors App team and I would recommend replying to that email to inquire about your post. They’ll typically get back to you within 24-48 business hours. :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue. I have a video of someone leaving a threatening note in my mailbox but posting the video violates some Ring Policy. This act of leaving this note is a crime on several levels. The problem is that they do not explain why they keep deleting. This is a poor excuse for a service.

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Forget about it - I’ve tried to escalate the matter to a human being, only to get the same copy-pasta response quoted to me verbatim by another bot. Once they start deleting your posts, nothing you post in the future will ever make it on the app again, it appears.


Hi neighbors. If you’ve had a post deleting from the Neighbors app, you should receive an email letting you know why the post was removed. If you like more specific information about the post, you can reply to the email and a member of that team will respond back to you. If you don’t see the email, check your junk/spam folders, as it may have been filtered out.

The Neighbors Team has deleted several of my posts and all I get is a form message, no details. When I reply, I get nothing back. They seem to care more about coddling criminals than public safety. The original post contained information that clearly identified a vehicle whose driver was committing illegal acts. After it was deleted, I removed some details and reposted, but that post was deleted, too. I did this several times until the vehicle could not be identified (useless), and they still removed it.

No response tells me who they really want to protect. Add to that issues with motion detection (both delays and missed people entirely), and I give the whole system 2 stars My subscription is up for renewal this month. So, I’m shopping for a new security system.


Same problem. I don’t think actual humans exist at Ring. It’s sad.

Hi @petetheari. :robot: I can assure you, I’m human :robot: . With that being said, we are human and sometimes we do make mistakes. I will share this feedback with the Neighbors app team and hopefully we will be able to get it right more often. Beep Beep Bop! :joy:

Why can’t Ring provide the specific reason when people are not understanding the EXACT reason posts won’t be uploaded?
Why send a standard, copu/paste format email that states in general - yeah, nobody wants to see those types of posts. Unbelievable.
It seems missing dogs, cats, turtles or birds rises to a safety level far exceeding a human safety issue.
The neighbor app has become a joke with no real threatening situations or issues posted to alert the neighborhood to be alert.

Having had 8 videos rejected this weekend, in my attempt to alert neihbors of a very obvious attempted break in, I will never use this company again. This was my first time trying to contribute and be a “good neighbor” and Ring decided, based on their polls, that nobody wants to see a man pounding on a door (seemingly as a distraction), casing the door above, below, etc. to then put on large gloves while accomplices were on the perimeter of the home. The police deemed this as a serious threat yet, Ring consistently doesn’t seem to show the “real threats” to the neighborhhod.
Obviously, a halloween candy bowl taken off a neighbors driveway is obviously a very real threat and should be posted (not a joke).
Any attempt to get a direct response or reason as to why Ring won’t allow was beyond frustrating and the rote responses - completely unacceptable.
Searching for a company that places the safety of human lives as a priority.


You may be a human. Your laughing emojis, with the “beep beep bop” addition, conveys you think it’s a joke and it is profundly unprofessional.

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Hi @LV.Analyst. I apologize if my lightheartedness came across as unprofessional. I’m simply trying to convey that the Ring Community team is not a group of bots and we are humans just like the members of the Community. We also genuinely care about your concerns and advocate for our neighbors daily. Thank you for your feedback, neighbor!

I feel your pain. They have NEVER posted anything I tried posting to my neighbors. Yesterday a non postal worker in his personal car dropped off brand new children’s games on my front porch. They weren’t even in a bag. Brand new. Obviously had the wrong address. I wanted to notify neighbors if they were expecting an acquaintance dropping off toys. My post was forbidden. Also past posts I tried to share were prowlers and roaming pets. Still blocked. However, I see no issues with other similar posts.

I could find a wallet with a thousand dollars and they won’t let me tell neighbors. Strange company, strange app, strange rules. I give.
I use Penny saver and local news paper now.

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This is wreckless and irresponsible to pull the ability to post risks or issues that could be plaguing a whole community. The opportunity to end what could be an escalating situation.
Maybe instead of shielding the criminals with your California woke philosophy, you think about the neighborhood watch value of no patrolling, but a community notified in risk awareness.


I agree. I just tried to post a video of a squatter running from my neighbors home that has been broken into 4 times in the last year. Clear video of his face and car that took off in. Not sure why on earth this was rejected. Fortunately, my subscription is up in December and I will not be renewing. I still have no idea why this was rejected due to the generic message. The police have even asked for this video.

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They are censoring information, and showing miss information that you can’t comment on but can only like LIKE the posting. Annnnnd they won’t even let you post images showing there incrimination to you freedom of speech

Same here, rejected because “description appears to be missing important information for your community to adequately understand the event or the provided media doesn’t match the description of events.”

Even if I knew what to change, I cannot edit my post. I don’t want to delete it and start over. There is a lot of detailed information including the police report.

No wonder there are so many post about animals.

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