Ring not letting me post to neighbors

Tried to post multiple times to neighbors. I was sharing a video of a drone flying up to our back door around 3 am. This happened again 2 days later. Tried to share with neighbors but ring doesn’t seem to think that it has to do with crime or community safety. Maybe not but somebody’s definitely creeping. Can somebody explain why ring is not letting me post this?

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Hi @ihatethieves69. It’s possible your post is being removed because it doesn’t fit the Neighbors’ Community Guidelines, which you can read more about here. Whenever your post is removed, you’ll receive an email from the Neighbors App team and I would recommend replying to that email to inquire about your post. They’ll typically get back to you within 24-48 business hours. :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue. I have a video of someone leaving a threatening note in my mailbox but posting the video violates some Ring Policy. This act of leaving this note is a crime on several levels. The problem is that they do not explain why they keep deleting. This is a poor excuse for a service.

Forget about it - I’ve tried to escalate the matter to a human being, only to get the same copy-pasta response quoted to me verbatim by another bot. Once they start deleting your posts, nothing you post in the future will ever make it on the app again, it appears.

Hi neighbors. If you’ve had a post deleting from the Neighbors app, you should receive an email letting you know why the post was removed. If you like more specific information about the post, you can reply to the email and a member of that team will respond back to you. If you don’t see the email, check your junk/spam folders, as it may have been filtered out.

The Neighbors Team has deleted several of my posts and all I get is a form message, no details. When I reply, I get nothing back. They seem to care more about coddling criminals than public safety. The original post contained information that clearly identified a vehicle whose driver was committing illegal acts. After it was deleted, I removed some details and reposted, but that post was deleted, too. I did this several times until the vehicle could not be identified (useless), and they still removed it.

No response tells me who they really want to protect. Add to that issues with motion detection (both delays and missed people entirely), and I give the whole system 2 stars My subscription is up for renewal this month. So, I’m shopping for a new security system.

Same problem. I don’t think actual humans exist at Ring. It’s sad.

Hi @petetheari. :robot: I can assure you, I’m human :robot: . With that being said, we are human and sometimes we do make mistakes. I will share this feedback with the Neighbors app team and hopefully we will be able to get it right more often. Beep Beep Bop! :joy: