Ring not chiming on Alexa

Hi there. I just set up my ring, and everything looks like it’s working fine. I have it set up in the skills in the Alexa app. The goal is to have the alexa chime whenever someone rings the doorbell in case we don’t have our phones on us to see the notification. The Alexa isn’t chiming. Keep in mind, we have the Alexa integrated in the Harman Kardon Astra speaker. Is this why it won’t work? Will it only work with an Echo? Thanks!

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Oh, great question @Rizface ! I’ll have to double check with my team member on that one. So, to make sure I understand, you have the Kardon Astra speaker with Alexa built in? Have you tried connecting any other apps to the speaker by using the Alexa app on your phone? Thanks!

Hi guys, any news on this ? I’m also trying to connect a harman larson allure and unable to