Ring Not Adhering to Community Guidelines

I’m formally contesting the decision by Ring employees moderating the Neighbors activity feed. I have attempted to post a video at least 3 different times, and the Ring moderators have denied the post each time citing that it doesn’t meet “Community Guidelines” when it very clearly does. The decision by Ring to suppress this video can and should be construed as an attempt to prevent the sharing of information needed to keep people in this area safe. For personal and community safety reasons, people have the right to be notified of criminal activity in their immediate area, which this very clearly is. I will escalate this as needed until the video is made available to my neighbors, or until Ring can provide the legal written justification for suppressing this video.

Recorded at 5:40 AM on 12/27/23, a masked & gloved man appears in front of my door on a bicicyle, where he intentionally stops to deposit an item in the bushes for someone to retrieve. He is wearing a ski mask, a red hat, all black tattered clothing and potentially an additional mask and eye covering. He deposits an item in the bushes that could be a gun, or drugs. At the same time, a champagne/gold car can be seen in the background pulling away from the curb as the masked man appears. The car’s driver watches the man deposit the item and drives around the corner, not to be seen again. Whatever the item was, it was picked up within moments but not recorded by my camera. I went outside to investigate within 10 minutes, but the item was gone. A small glass vial with a green top was also disposed of in the area. This is obvious evidence for trespassing given the intentional behavior near my front door, and there’s enough visual evidence to support criminal activity (suspected drug deal). The presence alone of a masked & gloved man dropping items in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the night warrants posting to the Neighbors feed. If Ring staff doesn’t agree that this constitutes a potential safety threat that people need and deserve to be aware of, I will have SEVERE reservations about using or recommending Ring products and services to others. I chose this company for safety reasons. If Ring is suppressing content that results in people being less safe, myself (and I’m sure others) are going to have a big problem with that. If you don’t support me when I’m telling you I don’t feel safe, you don’t deserve my business.

Hi @user72775. We do not moderate the Neighbors feed here. We help with troubleshooting tips and tricks in the Ring Community for certain concerns. For your concern, it is best to respond to the email you receive when your post is denied in Neighbors for more information on why it was denied. We also have this Help Center page on the Neighbors feed guidelines.

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