Ring no longer offers international support!

I am absolutely disgusted and disappointed in Ring.

I live in Barbados. 3 years ago, I spent thousands of dollars purchasing cameras and doorbells from Ring as my home security system. At the time it was easy to pay for your Ring Protect Plan through Amazon.

Suddenly last year, Ring stopped allowing you to pay through Amazon and is forcing you to pay via Ring.com. However, Ring.com does not accept international credit cards.

After wasting hours on the phone with useless customer support who kept telling me there must be a problem with my cards, I finally got through to someone who admitted that Ring Protect plans are no longer supported outside of the US.

So now my investment of thousands of dollars in equipment is wasted because I don’t have access to a US credit card to pay a measly $100.

And the worst part is that Ring doesn’t seem to care that they’ve shafted thousands of people who are now stuck with products they can’t use for the purpose they were bought.

Really? We are in the UK and haven’t had any problems paying for our plan.

Hi @user80962. I’m getting clarification from my team regarding the scope of support we offer in Barbados. I’ll share an update in this thread once I have more information.

@user80962 Thank you for your patience. I got clarification from my team that while the Ring Protect plan may be accessible outside of the US, not all features and functionalities are available outside of advertised regions. Ring does not require a US issued credit card as a payment method, however, payments outside of the US may require additional authorizations from your banking institution. As next steps, we recommend you work with your banking institution to authorize the charge.