Ring Neighbors. Crime and Safety posts vanishing

Who at ring can I contact about making a change for the ring neighbors forum in the ring app?

The neighbors section has been overwhelmed with twitter posts and missing animals posts.

When legitimate crime and theft posts are constantly being removed by whatever moderation team exists.

Apparently the criminals can flag posts that show them committing a crime and get it removed based on what local community comments have stated.

Anything that shows license plates, faces or any important information related to any crime is getting removed.

People have posted that packages have been stolen, cars that follow delivery trucks, cars that follow other residents, vandalism, gunshots, and break ins.

All of these posts keep getting “removed by moderator”.

What can be done to correct this misuse and abuse by the moderation team and get the ring neighborhood app useful again for crime prevention?

Hi @Cat62. The moderation of the Neighbors app is handled by a different team, separate from the Ring Community team. All posts made on the Neighbors app must fall within these guidelines. If your post doesn’t adhere to those guidelines, it is likely to be removed by the Neighbors app moderation team. If your post is removed, you’ll receive an automatic email about it. You can respond to this email to inquire for further details on why your post was removed.

Is there a way to get in contact with that moderation team?

Do they have an address, email, or phone?

@Cat62 You should have received an automatic email regarding the removal of your post that you can reply to. If you’re unable to locate that email, you can reach out to communityalerts@cs.ring.com.

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