Ring neighbors blocking crimes. [city ordinances]

Ring neighbors seems to be intentionally blocking legal items.

When you cite the specific law or ordinance the app just blocks the posting.

Hi there, @Tom_Neverwinter! We appreciate this feedback, and wanted to clarify that you are reaching the Ring Community, a neighbor to neighbor forum. The Neighbors by Ring app is separate from this Community as it is localized to your neighborhood, whereas this Community is for all neighbors.

For concerns with positing in the Neighbors by Ring app, you’re welcome to follow up with the Neighbors App team directly, as we here at the Community won’t have any information on why your post was removed. You can send an email to communityalerts@ring.com to inquire further. Feel free to also explore other options for sharing in your community for different scenarios, such as NextDoor. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: