Ring needs to design a better cold friendly battery

There are lithium ion batteries out there that are rated for far colder temps. Can’t ring release a swappable lithium ion battery versus polymer one or something?

My old lithium batteries and door keypad / lock are working fine at around -20C but the video doorbells freeze up way sooner.

I’m sure folks would pony up for a better battery, and Ring can offset some of the costs for returned products or support on this.

Or at least make a fully hard wired doorbell that doesn’t rely on the battery at all.


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It would be nice, but the li-ion technology isn’t there yet, and I don’t believe there is another battery type currently available that can provide the necessary current these devices need in the same small form factor. There are some proprietary lithium-based batteries that do allow charging in freezing temperatures, but I don’t believe they’re being manufactured in any widespread capacity. If a new type of battery pack that could handle the cold temps became available, I’d definitely be interested.

The Video Doorbell 2 (now discontinued I believe) and the Video Doorbell 3 do have swappable battery packs.

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Besides needing a better cold friendly battery, I can’t understand why they didn’t put the usb charging port on the bottom, instead of the back. It’s a pain in the butt to have to remove it every time to charge and I guarantee I will eventually drop and lose one of the security screws in the future.

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