Ring movement sensor 2 - faulty or not fit for purpose?

I hope somebody can help resolve this, because if it’s not faulty, I don’t know what else to do, the alarm is no good to me as it is.
Basically, I’ve had a home alarm system for 8 years, recently replaced for the Gen2 Ring alarm. I’ve got the full kit, with additional sensors and siren. It’s been great, but on my 1st attempt of going away for 1 week, and really leveraging the remote monitoring, I was faced with 3 false alarms. All caused by the sensor in my conservatory. I’ve now moved the sensor to a corner, but still see detections throughout the day which would result in the alarm sounding. It did not do this initially, and has only ever done it in the day. It does get hot in there, no way around that, but my old system never had any issues. I’ve already got the sensitivity set to the lowest setting. Ring support suggested a reset of the sensor and re-enrolment, I’ve not set the alarm with that sensor active since, but have kept an eye on the logs. I see it’s triggered every day at least once, when nobody was in the room.
HELP! Is it never going to work in a conservatory? I’d say that makes it unfit for purpose, and why does the app allow you to select conservatory from the list of install locations? I hope it’s a fault with this sensor??? Thanks in advance.

We’re here to help, @thommo41! The best step is to look over our help center article about false alarm causes with Alarm Motion Detectors. As for placement, please ensure there is no heat sources around such as a heating vent, fireplace, or window that might let in the sun and / or have movement outside of it.

Aside from environmental factors, configuration can help too. You mentioned placing it in a conservatory, in which I recommend also checking the configuration to ensure you have it set to a Room rather than an Entryway. This can be done in the Ring app by visiting the Menu > Devices > Alarm > Motion Detector > Device Settings / General Settings > and changing the placement options. Fine tuning all settings and placement should help avoid false alarms. :slight_smile:

It’s not the settings. I am trying to establish if it’s a faulty sensor. I’m hoping it is because if it isn’t, I cannot protect my conservatory - possibly the most likely entry point - and that really does make the system massively flawed and not really fit for purpose. I have spoken to support and it’s been tweaked. It’s also been moved to the corner facing away from the sunlight and windows. But it’s a conservatory it does receive sunlight and gets warm and cold. But my last alarm didn’t struggle with the environment at all.

Thanks for this clarification, @thommo41, this is understandable. See what you can accomplish with some fine tuning. Rest assured that this is not the only solution for that part of your home. Ring Alarm works best when exploring all Alarm Sensor types. For instance, if a Motion Detector does not work in an area, maybe a Contact Sensor will (if there are doors/ windows).

I recommend also looking into the possibility of covering this location with a different device entirely, such as a Video Doorbell or Camera. At Ring, we like to provide neighbors with tons of options. If absolutely no alteration helps to optimize the Motion Detector for desired operation, these other options might! :slight_smile:

I appreciate the response. If you’re going to replace my motion sensor for an indoor camera then great - but with the greatest respect, the alarm system is replacing a rock solid alarm that’s lasted me over 8 years. I’ve never had issues with a sensor in that area. I’ve done all I can with settings and I cannot get the sensor to work properly. How do I get this sensor replaced? It has to be faulty. I can’t justify buying more solutions from ring to workaround this problem.
Incidentally I have 3 ring cameras, the alarm system now that the siren is available, was supposed to be the ideal solution. I will perhaps just contact Amazon about the single sensor? Environment aside, all other sensors are absolutely fine.

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That is correct, @thommo41. Our support team is always happy to help and on standby with advanced solutions. As only this device is the one having a concern, it’s safe to say a closer look would help here.

To reach out to our support team, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

The outcome of a second support call, is the same as the first.
The sensor will not function whilst installed in a conservatory. Too many windows.
Can anybody comment on ring motion sensors in a conservatory? The articles do not say it will not work in a conservatory. Frankly, any alarm system that doesn’t work in a conservatory is a useless alarm in my opinion.
I will take this up with Amazon, I still cannot find an article on RING that says DO NOT buy if you have a conservatory.
If there is somebody reading this who has got a conservatory, and it does work, let me know. I need it to work, and it doesn’t, so I have to now find a solution which is looking more and more like a new alarm system - which is frankly a joke.

Hi @thommo41. Although the Help Center article doesn’t specifically state that it will not work in a Conservatory, it does state that windows and heat sources are something to watch out for. Try sharing a few pictures of your Conservatory so the Ring Community can better assist you in finding a placement option that might work for you.