Ring Motion Sensor with Large Dogs

In addition to the security technology in and outside our home, we have 3 very alert boxers ranging from 75 to 95 lbs in weight.

Previously, we’ve had motion sensors installed upside down in order for the dogs to pass underneath their detection, but I’ve seen nothing to suggest this works with a Ring Motion sensor.

Does anyone have a success story that includes similar size dogs with a motion sensor installed?

My motion sensor is on the lowest sensitivity setting and my 20 lb dog trips it all the time. I know they they are “pet” safe but my results are not showing it at all.

Hey neighbors. This Help Center article goes over how our Motion Detector works and best practices for pets in the home. Personally, I wouldn’t mount the Motion Detector upside down. This may help it not detect your dogs, but it will also make sure it doesn’t detect much of anything else, which is counterproductive. I hope this information serves you well!

I have 2 large breed Goldendoodles on is 85 lbs and the other is 99 lbs and I have no issue with the motion sensor falsing with the sensitivity set to the lowest setting. The two dogs even jump and lay on the furniture and it has not been an issue for me. If you have a set of stairs that the dogs go up and down and if the motion sensor is able to see the stairs then you may have a trigger there.

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I would agree that testing it upside down would be a good idea. Even mounting it to a slight wedge, to move the 81 degree upper limit to straight horizontal (mounted upside down) may work as desired. If you or anyone does, please comment with your findings.
Here is an illustration of the vertical coverage, so you can envision the wedge needed, for mounting upside down.