Ring motion sensor is useless in my garage. Probably returning the whole system

I got my new Ring 14 piece kit yesterday and was pretty excited to get it set up. Got both keypads working and both motion sensors.

I placed one motion sensor in the corner of the garage at 7’6", as well as tried several other places, and it only triggers motion at about 10 feet or less. I switched in the other motion sensor and got the same results.

I thought these things were supposed to pick up motion up to 30 feet?

My garage is 22’ x 24’ so everywhere in it should be picked up by the sensor. I stood about 15-20 feet away and waved my arms over my head and it never triggered.

It seems to pick up further distance in my living room. The temperature in my living room is 73 degrees and in my garage it’s 86 degrees.

Does heat affect the distance these pick up? If so, I will either have to put multiple ones in my garage or just look for another solution.

Hi @horsemenl. I’m glad to hear you were able to get everything up and running without issue! The Ring Alarm motion detectors use Passive Infrared sensors (PIR) to scan whatever room they’re placed in. These detectors use heat to detect motion in the room, so with warmer rooms such as garages it can be harder for them to accurately detect motion farther out. To secure the whole garage, you can try adding one more motion detector on the other side to ensure fuller coverage regardless of the temperature in the garage. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: