Ring modes not working

Since the iOS update 2 days ago my Disarm, Home and Away modes have stopped working. The app allows you to set them up and configure each camera but nothing changes when you select them.
Ring advisor told me you have change each one individually to stop any alerts.
So now when I get home or in garden I have to change the settings on 3 cameras to don’t send alerts and when I leave the house turn them all back on individually. Doesn’t made sense to me when the feature was a great asset.

Those modes should globally control all three cameras according to the settings you have dictated in Settings/Modes. Are you saying when you Disarm etc. it is not doing properly setting the cameras to those settings? Have you tried exiting the app, and restarting? Also check that you have the latest Ring app.

Thanks. Yes that’s exactly right.
I have the updated app and have tried a reset but they still done work as they should.

When you look at the individual cameras, is motion and notification set to off on each one? I wonder if you have something set there that is not being over-ridden by the Modes selection. I would think Modes would over ride everything but you should check.

The problem has rectified itself and is now working as before.
Unfortunately I was told a bucket full of lies by the Ring Adviser when I spoke with them. The excuses are lengthy to list but it would appear were totally made up and the advisor was only interested in getting a good review from me on the feedback email. Not sure that’s going to happen now.

Modes not working . Support Request (Unsolved). So I have to indoor cams, and I sent up modes and disabled those cams when my Ring Alarm is set to disarmed.