Ring moderators prejudice?

So a few months back I attempted to post something in the neighbors section of the ring app. I had recieved a strange $20 bill seated on the front of my porch. It appeared fake (it was surely a fake way too big to be a real 20). I tried to see if this was happening to other neighbors by posting. I recieved a message from the moderators saying:

"Thank you for reaching out to us.

We’ve reviewed your post, and we feel that it’s not quite right for Neighbors. We recently made changes to our Unexpected Activity category based on feedback from the community about what posts are most useful. If you feel that the actions of the individual possibly place you or your neighbors in danger, please contact your local authorities. We certainly appreciate your feedback as we are amending our guidelines on a regular basis while we figure out what neighbors feel are important updates on crime and safety.

We hope you understand our decision and continue to engage with your neighbors in an effort to create a safer environment for your local community."

I tried to check the camera to see who posted it but they snuck by the camera and placed it on the floor outside of sight. That being said I never was able to find out what happened. I instructed my household to throw the fake bill away in case it had anything dangerous on it (like a neurotoxin) on it.

Now here i am a few months later and I am observing what my neighbors are posting. People asking if others “heard fire trucks”, others reporting “people walking”, literally just walking, etc. So am I to understand that my concern was of no relevance in comparison to these things? I truly hope ring doesn’t apply any of their own prejudices in the posts they allow because it appears something is off here. I pay the same as everyone else so I believe I should be allowed to make a post with regards to concerning incidents in my neighborhood. Especially considering there is a category called “Unexpected Activity”. But I guess I expected a fake bill to be neatly placed on my porch. Oh well. Thanks Ring, for renewing my subscription. By the way I am not even allowed to say the word “b.i.a.s.e.d.” or “p.r.e.j.u.d.i.c.e” in a post. Which is strange in itself. Are we not allowed to report that? Need I escalate this further than a frustrated forum rant.

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Hey there, @Dbroc1. To avoid having your post removed, please ensure you are following these Neighbors Community Guidelines. If you believe this was in error, or are wanting a further look at the post by the Neighbors team, you can reach out to the team at communityalerts@ring.com to provide more details to our team. Please note, their response time is around 48 business hours each time a communication is sent.