Ring Mobile App not Updating Mode Across Devices


Myself and my wife both have the Ring application on our iPhones logged into the same primary account. However, whenever my wife changes the mode from Home to Away, it does not sync and instead still shows as Home when I open up my app. Although I know there are some features such as snooze which is specific per device, I would have thought the mode the system is in is not specific per device. This issue in turn causes the cameras enabled usually in Away mode to be inaccessible on my device but they are active on hers. I have to instead go change the mode to Away from my side as well for it to show correctly which seems redundant and inefficient.

Anyone else have this problem? Also, slightly off topic, is there a way to have my wife log in via her own account but with full administrative rights and usage experience, this is the reason we have to log in using the same account?


Hi @Ron73. Does this still happen if you force close the Ring app and then open it back up? Being logged in on multiple devices shouldn’t prohibit Mode Changes. Additionally, you do have the option to have your wife logged in as a Shared User. Shared Users still have access to most of the features in the Ring app. You can learn more about the Shared User process in this Help Center article here. I hope this is helpful!