Ring marketing complaint


I recently purchased two additional devices for my Ring security system. They are two indoor cameras, and you need to understand these will be the last thing I ever buy from Ring.

Since activating the new devices, I have been plagued with an annoying pop-up asking me to upgrade to Ring Protect Plus, which is a service I am not interested in and couldn’t give a toss about.

I noted that the messages said I had a free 30-day trial of this irrelevant, unwanted service, so I presumed that after the trial period the messages would go away, but they haven’t.

This is by far the most annoying, intrusive marketing I have ever experienced, and as I say, I am so annoyed by this I will never buy anything from Ring again. I will also advise my friends and family accordingly.

So much so that if this annoying pop-up persists I may well decide to rip it all out and buy another system.

tap the 3 lines, tap on whats new, tap the 3 lines with a check mark, and tap mark as seen

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