Ring Mac app now completely worthless

Ever since one of the last updates to this app, it has become totally unusable and completely worthless. It doesn’t update alerts as it used to, and when an alert does come up, it no longer displays a window for that specific camera (I have two). When I go into the app to investigate further, I am met with the spinning beachball of death, and the only way out of this POS application is to force quit.

I have completely uninstalled the app, restarted, and reinstalled the app, per suggestions here—3 times. Didn’t help a bit. It’s too bad, since it use to work well; no longer.

J D Thomas ThomaStudios


Hi my doorbell stoped to work the speaker. I can’t talk with the visitors. My doorbell is Old and a want to buy a New one can I get a discount? Do you ship to Brazil?

Thanks for the information