Ring Losing WyFi

Two of our Ring devices are going in and out of service. One is a security floodlight camera for the front yard and the other is a Ring security camera spotlight for our driveway.

The front yard device floodlight is timed to go on and off at preset times which I have programed. The floodlight usually comes on at the preset time, but through the night it may go off and on a few times.

The driveway device is always on and the spotlight comes on when motion is detected. But at times the device goes off line for no apparent reason.

Our Fios router is of the latest and greatest type. We have Ring WyFi extenders placed strategically in the house.

Please help.

My Ring doorbell also lost the WiFi connection overnight. It sees my wifi SSID and shows strong signal in the setup app. The WiFi connection setup fails everytime. And yes I’m using the correct password. The doorbell chime works outside and also mechanical chime inside. Last device health showed battery 100% charged via hardwire.
Took the device inside to charge via USB and WiFi setup still fails. Note that it takes multiple attempts to join the setup WiFi as well, after 3-4 attempts it joins the setup WiFi successfully, but my home WiFi setup still fails to join my network.

Hi neighbors. What is the RSSI for these devices? The RSSI can determine the quality of the wifi at your Ring device. This information can be found in the Device Health tile in your Ring app. If your device is still having issues with a strong RSSI, you may need to adjust the ports and protocols your Ring device is connecting to on your router. I hope this information helps!