RING listener question

I have an old burglar alarm system (GE) with wireless GE smoke detectors model

60-848-02-95, NX-491NT

The sound is emitted from Professional Installer PI-IDSP 15w8ohm indoor speaker.

Since I no longer use Alarm Technology but the burglar alarm system still works, I found the “listener” will not work even with the microphone facing the speaker and only 1 inch away.

If I can get the listener to work, this would be most idea which would enhance my RING system considerably. Did I have a defective listener, or is it just not compatible??

I am having the same issue with my upstairs and downstairs listener. Can’t get them to work.

Hi @Libby2. How far are these from your smoke/co alarm? If possible, upload a photo of how these are mounted so the Community can help identify if there is an issue with how they are mounted. Additionally, make sure that your smoke/co alarms produce the standard temporal 3 and temporal 4 tones. If they produce a different sound, the Listeners may not be able to recognize them. I hope this information helps!