Ring lights will not stay off when I want them to

I have wired ring cameras with flood lights. I have three linked. When I am outside with a fire I would like them to stay off. No matter what I do they keep coming on. Have wasted hours resetting all the functions, zones, schedules, linking, unlinking, just to have the motion to turn them back on. Seems if I go into each light and reset the zone to nothing it will work as long as I don’t move much but the dog will set it off.

Has been a big frustration since I got them…

Would like one button to turn them off. Which we have when they are linked but I honestly have to keep hitting it everytime someone moves …after unlocking the phone…why ???

If you have the floodlight cam you can go into the device settings, then light settings, then toggle off the motion-activated lights setting and that should prevent the lights from coming on at night. You’d have to toggle this in each light, however, which is kind of a pain.