Ring Lifetime Subsription not Honored

I have been a valued member since it all began in 2015. When Ring started there were issues with the doorbell. Because mine had been returned a couple of times, Ring gave me a lifetime subscription plan. I was grateful and have been with that free plan up until last week. I started getting a trial period. When i contacted Ring customer support they advised that they couldnt find my lifetime subscription plan and i would need to provide proof. I told them that i didnt save any proof from 2015 but to look at my account and see that i have not paid one dollar. Customer service would not help me. While im not complaining because i was given something good, what is the purpose of lifetime subscription if it doesnt last a lifetime? What happened to Ring customer service? It used to be so good. Now i dont get a straight answer and no response to emails. Thinking i will write about my issue to corporate not because of the money saved but because of the principle.

Hi @gjaleman. I can’t speak to what would have been offered by customer support back in 2015, and the Ring Protect plan has gone through some changes since then which are likely affecting the billing agreement you might have had. We don’t offer lifetime subscriptions, so it’s possible that it can no longer be applied to your account. However, the Ring Community is a public forum, so we aren’t able to view account details such as your Ring Protect plan. For any other questions about your plan, you’ll want to follow up with our support team.