Ring lens film/cleaner

So I didn’t realize there was a plastic film over the lens when I installed it. Now it has deteriorated, peel and cracked. I removed as much as I could but there is still some bits left and what appears to be a scratch or adhesive left.

My question, is there a solvent or cleaner I can use on the lens to get the remainder of the film off, or the adhesive cleared? I was wondering if GooGone or Acetone could be used, I would hope the lens was glass and could be cleaned.

I’ve included a picture you can see the cloudy portions on the upper left and lower right. Thanks in advance.

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hi i have the same kind of view on mine i have tried to see if there is a plastic film over it but i cannot detect one, i was trying to find a technical solution to the cloudy picture but cannot find any help,

i would imagine that you could clean it with a tiny bit of acetone on a cotton bud and wipe with a lint free cloth good luck