Ring Keypad Update Available but can't Update

I just started setting up the Ring Alarm components and added a keypad.
It’s added successfully and shows to be online. In the Settings section of the Keypad it says Firmware … Update Available. Nothing happens when I tap on that.

Then when I go to the Base Station in the app and tap on Firmware Updates, the keypad shows up with a green checkmark under the Up To Date.

Not sure what that means. One section says firmware update available but another one says its up to date. I tried unplugging the USB power and plugging back in. That didn’t do anything. Any idea how to update the keypad or make sure its updated?

Hi there, @JetRocket11! The Alarm Base Station controls the connection and communication between the other Alarm devices. This includes the communication of updates. If the Base Station is showing as all devices are up to date, this will likely mean that the Keypad is indeed up to date. It may take some time for this status to update on the Keypad side, although, bringing the Keypad closer to the Base Station or even removing and reinstalling the Ring app might assist with this status changing. If this concern persists, feel free to check out our help center article about Keypad updates.I hope this helps! :slight_smile: