Ring keypad charging cable and wall adapter replacement?

How do I go about getting the charging cable/adapter replaced for my 1st generation ring keypad? How much would it be to replace?

I had guests stay over before the pandemic it seems like someone must have swiped the wire/adapter it. :confounded:

Hey @snvoid. If you reach out to our support team here, they can help you get a replacement cord. In the chance you are in a pinch in the meantime, the cable is just a standard micro USB, similar to a phone charger. :slight_smile:

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The IPhone micro USB does not seem to fit the Keypad input

Apparently, not all micro-USB cables are created equal. Like most people, I have a drawer full of them. And like snvoid, I also misplaced the original charging cable.

Here’s what I noticed… There is a small slot in the end of the micro-USB connector. This slot varies in size depending on the manufacturer. I found (through trial &error) that the cords with the larger slots WILL work with the Ring keypad. The cord needs to be completely seated into the port on the keypad. There is a small green battery icon on the front of the keypad that will blink when the unit is getting external power and charging. You can also check the status on the Ring app - it will show the battery with a lightnig bolt to designate charging.

I’m guessing that Gen 3 of the keypad will have a USB-C adapter, as most of the electronic world is moving in that direction. Note to Ring: Why not add a wireless charging plate on the back of the keypad? Most everyone has a wireless charging station at home. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: