Ring keypad battery not charging

2hrs on phone and 2 replaced keypads I learned I would have to purchase a new one at $50ish dollars plus shipping.Keypad would not charge. I had tried every single possibility! The reason as I was told was because both were under a year but the replacement was not covered. I ask myself are the replacements defective? used? or seconds? , I dont get it! I finally got so frustrated I canceled my subscription. What I feel most upset about is our son, a Digital forensic police detective of 25+ yrs. ,gave it to us for a gift because he wanted me (severely hearing impaired) to be safe. Why arnt replacements worth the warranty??? . Thankyou

Hi @user53011. Please review our warranty guidelines here. If you subscribe to a Ring Protect Plus or Pro Plan while your Ring devices are under warranty, it will extend their warranties for as long as you are subscribed to the plan.

We purchased multiple Gen2 Keypads to go with our new Ring alarm system in November 2020. It is now November 2023 and our Gen2 Keypad is no longer accepting a charge using the Ring supplied charger. The Keypad also will not work at all when plugged in to the wall and relies on the battery for operation.

We contacted Ring technical support only to be told after troubleshooting that our two year old Keypad was outside of the one year warranty period, and our only option is to buy a new Keypad for $50.

We are very disappointed that we spent $500+ on a premium Ring alarm system and all the Ring accessories that are now not usable (without the app) due to an undependable battery in the Keypad. We are also disappointed that Ring would not replace the Keypad or offer a discount on a replacement. This is not the “Customer Obsession” or “Insist on the Highest Standards” I would expect from Amazon.

Hi @LandryHomestead. Have you tried a different micro USB charging cable for your Keypad? If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest trying that, as well as trying different outlets. We have additional troubleshooting steps for the Keypad (2nd Gen) here, including steps on how to factory reset the Keypad.

If none of the troubleshooting steps resolve the issue, that’s when we would direct you to contact our support team. Support will ensure all applicable troubleshooting steps are completed and then review your device’s warranty to determine if a replacement is the solution. Ring devices have a 1 year standard warranty, which can be extended by subscribing to the Ring Protect Plus or Pro plan while your device is still within its standard warranty.

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