Ring Keypad Battery Life Expectancy

Hi, I understand that it is fine to leave the Keypad plugged in - after full charging it will trickle charge. But given that the battery is not replaceable, is it better for the life of the battery to let it discharge and then recharge it as opposed to leaving it constantly charging? In some devices, the battery degrades, can loose its ability to hold full charge, and may even expand/damage the device, if left to charge constantly. Thanks.

Hello @njarwala ,

That’s a good question that most of us never consider. Ring Alarm Keypad’s internal rechargeable battery should last up to 7 months, depending on usage and power save settings, if you elect to use it unplugged and then recharge it. So unlike your daily use of your cellphone battery, which you probably charge and discharge daily with normal use, a mere month’s worth of cellphone use (30 cycles) would take 17.5 years to get the same number of 30 battery cycles on your Keypad!


Although I’m not positive of which type of battery is in the Keypad, since Ring uses Lithium-ion batteries in all their products where you can access the battery, I think it’s probably a good assumption that the keypad’s battery is also a cell-phone-type Lithium-ion. Lots of techniques for prolonging battery life tend to get mixed up from the older NiCad batteries to the newer Lithium-ion batteries. Unlike NiCad batteries, lithium-ion batteries do not have a charge memory. That means deep-discharge cycles are not required. From the stuff I’ve read (and from the link below):

  • _"Contrary to what you might think (or have been told), leaving your phone or laptop plugged in all the time is not bad for its [Lithium-ion] battery. That’s because your gadgets, the batteries in them, and the chargers you attach them to are actually pretty smart about the way they do business. Trickle charge—what your battery gets when it’s connected and full—is way less detrimental to the battery’s health than a larger discharge would be. " _


So, although there is might be some type of ‘charge/discharge’ schedule that you might be able to do, to “squeak-out” a bit more battery life-span on the Keypad’s battery, in my opinion not worth the hassle, when compared to the gain.

Also, since you most likely have a Ring Protect Plan “Plus” with your Ring Alarm system, and if you later decide to use the Keypad unplugged and find the battery doesn’t last long at all, the Keypad should be under the extended warranty:

  • Protect Plus Plan - includes an extended warranty which will extend your device’s original warranty. Once the original warranty expires, the device will be covered under Ring Protect Plus until you discontinue your subscription.


I hope this information in helpful to you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the detailed response. That helps a lot! I did not know that the plus plan extends the warranty indefinitely, as long as you keep subscribed to the plan. That is a great benefit. Thanks again.