Ring keeps saying it is updating

Hi there, I installed my ring doorbell yesterday and it all went well. The only thing is, I can’t get live view, it says it is updating and will be done in 15 minutes, I can’t click certain things on the app as it is still updating. It’s now over 24 hours and it still does this. I’ve tried rebooted it, re installing and setting it up all over again, I’ve turned my wifi off to use my own data, it still says it’s updating.

Hi @user61475. This should’t be happening. There may be something with your network that is blocking the update. Try connecting the device to a WiFi hotspot and seeing it that will allow the update to complete. If not, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

I had a similar problem as the original poster. Everytime i closed the live view and then tried to reopen it, it would say it was updating. Very annoying. Tom rings suggestion of connecting to a hotspot worked for me, the update was installed and worked fine from then on.

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