Ring Jobsite system for Rv Vanlife recreational vehicle

I want to use the Ring Jobsite system as a rv recreational vehicle security system when traveling. From what I can tell you need an address, which I can use my home, but I have a ring system for my home. Do I need 2 subscriptions or can I have the jobsite system wireless and still keep my current system all under 1 account fee? Or must the whole system be connected together, meaning if I drive off with the wireless system somethings not going to work either at the home or in the vehicle.

Hi @Cdauser. I wouldn’t recommend this. Even though the Jobsite Security Ring Alarm system is portable, while traveling you may encounter areas with no cellular service. This is crucial to the systems operation. Also, with constantly moving or being in remote areas, you would not be able to enter in an address. This is also needed for the system to operate. However, if you are staying at an RV park, this may be able to be adapted for that use, but has not been test in that setting.