Ring is still sounding the alarm


i recently had activity in my home where motion was detected in a bedroom, ring sounded off the alarm and after 10 mins. the siren was silenced (by the system?). i then received further messages stating that “ring is still sounding the alarm” 5 mins after the siren was silenced.

What does “ring is still sounding the alarm” mean after the siren was silenced?

As I did not silence the siren, is this automatic after 10 mins?

Thank you for your attention,


Hi @gsrodr. The siren will automatically silence itself after it’s been alarming for 10 minutes. However, you still need to disarm the system in the Ring App or from the Keypad as it will still be in an alarming status. There is no way to manually silence the alarm, or adjust the time frame at which it will become silent. I hope this helps answer your questions. :slight_smile: