Ring is stealing $17 from my account

The short version is last year , I bought a 1 year ‘plan’ from Ring Online , for about $109 .

This year, I canceled my plan . … Yet , on the 15th , Ring took $109.20 out of my ATM account without my authorization .
Luckily , I noticed the charge in the middle of the night , a day later .

My bank says to it is too early in the ‘processing stage’ to dispute the charge …to wait until the Processing is over, then dispute button will appear online .

On the Ring dashboard, I did find the Cancel button and clicked it .

Now my bank says Ring is issuing a refund of $91.67 .

Ummmm… that is $17.53 for ‘two days of service’ , even thou I had canceled it already .

Has anyone else got a ripped-off charge for cancelling Ring’s service ??

Hi @Dr.Katz. This Help Center page will give you information on how our refunds work when canceling a Ring Protect Plan. If the amount you are refunded is incorrect, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call using the numbers available here.

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